Located in Seminyak, Bali, Jemme is a fusion of fine dining and jewelry store, and their website serves the dual purpose of online catalog and at-your-fingertips booking engine. Smartly designed by Amber Johnsey and Lisa Tan, the Jemme website has an extensively customized back end to facilitate the easy posting and rearranging of content.

Instant Rockstar


After a righteous refresh of brand and product design by Zissou, I was called in to set up Melbourne-based Instant Rockstar’s new site. The custom theme, by Get Bowtied, got some serious tweaks for enabling both wholesale and retail customers to place and track their orders.



Showcasing a brilliant logo and packaging design by Zissou, the Ned site is a fully capable online store the for discerning beard wearer (there’s also a rockin’ beards blog… if you’re into that sort of thing).