Honda S90

A real labour of love, I found this little darling rusting on a farm in Gianyar, Bali, and snatched her up for Rp1,500,000 (about $110). I wound up pushing her the last mile to the garage.

The whole front end was swapped for a newer Honda GL100 triple tree and forks. Handlebars are from a much newer Yamaha Vixion and the engine is from a 1993 100cc Honda Astrea. Looks can be deceiving, as the original engine mounts were perfect for the later motor, but at a slant that prevented the oil from circulating properly. Turned out we needed to completely reconstruct them to get the engine parallel to the floor again.

A year later, she hit the road again on new spoke wheels, with a working electric starter and an NOS 1969 S90 tank. She’s now in the hands of a good friend here in Bali, so I still get to see her every now and again!